Antarctica - January-February 2006           LeMaire Channel
We were scheduled to arrive at the LeMaire Channel at 7:30 a.m., so we rose early and headed outside to view this glacier lined passage billed as one of Antarctica’s most beautiful. But, alas, ice was blocking the narrow passage, and we had to circumnavigate another way through the archipelago. Views from the entrance to the passage were majestic indeed. Because we had to wait for another ship to turn around and come out of the passage, we spent quite a  while there enjoying our surroundings.   (Continued at bottom of page)

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A team of eight scientists accompanied us on shipboard, each with a different area of expertise. Daily lectures introducing us to elements of the trip enriched our onboard experience.  Several members of the expedition team were always present on the rear deck of the ship to aid in sighting whales, birds, or whatever. Passengers could ask questions at any time. Various hot beverages and refreshments were always available from some very cold looking servers, and ice cream treats from the adjacent café were on available at meal time without needing refrigeration. A daily posting of animals and birds sighted was in the reception area, and we were each given a copy at the end of the cruise. Over sixty varieties of birds were sighted along with six different types of whales, various seals, dolphins and sea lions.